Print And Digital Marketing Are Perfect Partners

print and digital marketing are perfect partners


While print advertising is no longer king, there’s no reason why it has to be taken off the game board altogether. It’s still an extremely effective marketing tool, but these days the key to making it work is integrating it with digital advertising.

Develop Trust with Print Advertising and Maintain it via Digital Methods

There’s no doubt that digital advertising is valuable, but there’s one thing that it can’t yet replace, and that’s the fact that most people still trust what they read in print more than they trust what they read online. That means print can be a great way to introduce new products and services to your audience, and adding integrated digital elements provides the means of staying in touch with your customers.

Print is Perfect for Local Promotions, and Digital Marketing can Expand Your Reach

According to a 2011 survey by Pitney Bowes, 76% of small businesses owners say their ideal marketing strategy includes a mix of print and online elements. This tendency towards continuing to use print is especially strong when it comes to small businesses and local advertising, simply because small businesses are more likely to rely on local custom. However, because even small businesses can now expand their customer base by establishing an online presence, it makes perfect sense to add digital marketing into the mix, to also reach national and even global audiences.

Online Elements Make Print Advertising Trackable

One reason that online marketing has really taken off is the ease with which clicks, views, and sales can be tracked, quantified, and analysed. It’s something that’s not quite so easy to do with print, but integrating elements of print and online marketing can actually make it doable. One way to make it work is by adding a unique URL or scannable bar code to print advertisements. This allows you to look at how many people access your website as a result of viewing print ads, and is a simple way to track how effective your print marketing is. It also allows you to track what your customers do on the site; for example, if they buy the products you advertised, if they buy additional or alternative products, or if they don’t make a purchase at all.

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