3 Mistakes Not To Make With Your Exhibition Stand

3 mistakes not to make with your exhibition stand


Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what makes a great design when you are creating an exhibition stand to show off your company and products. Here are three mistakes to avoid when you are preparing for an exhibition.

1. Cramming All the Information Onto the Display:
You know how important and exciting all the information that you want to share with visitors to your stand is, but that doesn’t mean that is all has to go up on the display. No one is attracted to a display that looks like too much hard work to read. Keep the text on your displays clear and concise, then be ready to provide the extra information once you’ve got people hooked.

2. Not Having Additional Material to Take Home:
Catching people’s attention at the exhibition is important, but if you want to turn that interest into something more, you need to keep people thinking about you after they leave. You should make sure that you have business cards, leaflets, and additional material that people can take home with them. You can use material that you already had prepared, but creating something new for the occasion can be very effective. A leaflet referencing the exhibition or including a special discount for attendees could be just what is needed to turn that initial curiosity at the exhibition into a new customer.

3. Not Being Yourself:
You want to make a big impact when you attend an exhibition, but that doesn’t mean you should leap onto the latest trends or forget all the hard work you’ve put into creating an effective brand elsewhere. You need to catch the attention of new customers, but you also need to be recognisable to your existing ones and you need your stand to reflect what your company is really about.

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