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What Makes A Good Print Ad?


  Designing an effective print ad doesn’t necessarily mean following all the design rules. In fact, sometimes it’s more effective to break the rules in order to create something that truly stands out. But even so, there are some elements that really need to be included in order for an ad to have its desired […]

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Four Ways White Space Improves Designs


  White space, or negative space, is the empty space that surrounds the design elements of a layout. Incorporating white space is essential for creating user-friendly designs, but just how does white space contribute to usability?

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Five Easy Ways to Makeover Your Business Cards

business cards just childcare

  Business cards are so ubiquitous that sometimes they become a design afterthought—once created, they’re never updated or improved upon to ensure they remain reflective of a company’s image. But it’s the business card’s ubiquity that makes them so important, as for most organisations it’s the most widely-circulated piece of print advertising. With this in […]

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Incorporating Shape And Colour In Company Branding


  It’s no secret that shape and colour are hugely important in branding and advertising, but what kinds of effects do specific shapes and colours have on peoples’ perceptions of your brand? Even small design decisions such as font choices can have an impact, so these choices aren’t ones that should be made lightly.

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The Rule Of Thirds In Print Design


  There’s a concept in photography known as the rule of thirds—a concept employed not just by modern photographers, but by architects, sculptors, Renaissance painters, and even graphic designers. Using the rule of thirds in design helps to create designs that are eye-catching, engaging, and enjoyable to look at, and it’s a concept that can […]

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How Much Marketing Collateral Do You Have?


  As many businesses increasingly focus their marketing efforts online, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s still worth investing in printed materials. And as a result, many are divesting themselves of their marketing collateral—those printed items that support not just a marketing campaign, but a business as a whole. But this is a mistake, simply […]

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Benefits Of Integrating Print Marketing And Social Media


  The massive influence that social media has had—and will continue to have—means that in the marketing world, many people are mourning the death of print. But what they should be doing is combining print marketing with social media marketing, creating a synergistic effect that’s highly powerful.

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56% Of Consumers Think Print Is The Most Trustworthy Type Of Marketing


  We recently celebrated International Print Day and got chatting with loads of other professionals in the print industry. After tweeting a statistic that ‘56% of consumers think that print is the most trustworthy type of marketing’ we were asked by event organisers @PrintMediaCentr, how we can increase this figure to 100%?

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How Do People Look At Your Design?

how do people look at your design

  Trying to see your own design through another person’s eyes can be difficult, but it is important to think about how your target audience will experience the material you are creating. Thinking about how people will read the design is one of the ways you can ensure that your message is getting across clearly.

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Have You Got The Right Information On Your Business Cards?

have you got the right information on your business cards

  Your business card can be the perfect way to hand over the essential information about who you are and what you do. It can do a lot of marketing and networking for you as long as you have included the right details. You need to make sure that you have the right information on […]

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