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3 Simple Design Tips To Make Your Message Clear

3 simple design tips to make your message clear

  Clarity is an often overlooked point of design that deserves just as much attention as your choice of font or colour. A clear design is one that works well. It gets your point across quickly and has a greater impact. How can you achieve clarity?

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How To Use Colour To Create An Effective Design

how to use colour to create an effective design

  Colour is one of the most important elements of any design. You can work colour into your backgrounds, logos and text, use small splashes to draw the eye to important details or larger areas to break up the design. You can even choose photos or pictures that match your colour scheme in order to […]

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Top Tips For Getting The Best Vehicle Graphic For Your Needs

vehicle signage mains electrical installations

  Vehicle wraps are a highly cost effective form of advertising: a good quality wrap lasts for years, and provides high-impact advertising that is noticed, remembered, and even talked about.

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How Print is Changing…

how print is changing

  At Project Design Print we have watched the role of print evolve over the years and while digital puts up a good fight, print is now increasingly seen as a personal and even luxurious choice of marketing. Take a look at some of the ways print is changing…

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Print And Digital Marketing Are Perfect Partners

print and digital marketing are perfect partners

  While print advertising is no longer king, there’s no reason why it has to be taken off the game board altogether. It’s still an extremely effective marketing tool, but these days the key to making it work is integrating it with digital advertising.

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4 Essential Print Materials You Need to Promote Your Business

4 essential print materials you need to promote your business

  1 – Eye-Catching Business Cards Business cards are one of the most effective ways to make a great and lasting first impression. How many times have you formed a negative opinion of a company based on a poorly designed or unprofessional business card? Supplying others with great quality, printed business cards gives the impression […]

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Four Ways To Improve Your Next Presentation

four ways to improve your next presentation

  Many people dread giving presentations, and just as many dread watching them. Surprisingly, the same problem can sometimes account for both reactions: a bad presentation is just as boring to give as it is to watch. On the other hand, if you design a great presentation you’ll enjoy giving it, and your audience will […]

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Branding Your Exhibition Stand

modular exhibition stands quat-chem

  An eye-catching exhibition stand is a good way to draw exhibition crowds, but if your stand isn’t branded, what’s the point? Exhibitions aren’t just about showcasing your products or services, they’re also about showcasing your business brand.

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How Can Print Marketing Boost Your Ecommerce Site?

how can print marketing boost your ecommerce site

  For an Ecommerce business that exists solely online, it might seem illogical to even consider print marketing. But as it happens, more online companies than you realise are taking advantage of print media…and reaping the rewards! We know that it can be tempting to send out a quick email, but did you know that […]

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4 Essential Tips For Designing Business Stationery

logo design your podiatry clinic

  Whether it’s classical elegant or contemporary modern, the look and feel of well designed business stationery can be an excellent way of adding to your brand. If business stationery is designed to incorporated visual elements that speak to your company’s brand identity, it’s a great way to add to your professional image.

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