Four Ways To Take Advantage Of Print Marketing

four ways to take advantage of print marketing


The battle cry of the online marketer is “Print is Dead!” and those who focus all their efforts online do so because they believe that the advantages of digital advertising vastly outweigh those of print media. And in some respects they’re right: there are lots of great things about digital marketing, and there are lots of ways in which online advertising outshines what you can achieve in print. But does that automatically mean print is useless? Absolutely not; print marketing is far from a dead industry, and the truth is, for the innovative marketer, print is still an extremely effective way of reaching people.

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Branding Design – What’s In A Name?

branding design whats in a name


While many people carry different opinions on what defines the success of a brand, most people will agree that having a strong brand is critical to the success of any business. But company branding is so much more than simply coming up with a clever name. It is a symbol of everything that your business represents.

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Here’s A Smart Idea – Digital Embossing

digital embossing


In a world where we all seek to carve out differentiation from the ‘me too’ competition, and to create memorable, lasting impressions, here’s a smart, simple idea to set you apart – digital embossing.
And in an ultra competitive market place where business can be won and lost on the finest of fine margins surely anything that can offer even the smallest of competitive advantages has got to be a good thing. A good thing for the planet too as they’re environmentally friendly.

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10 Reasons To Rethink Print

10 reasons to rethink print


Print is dead, or at least in its death throes. That’s the opinion of a big chunk of people, anyway; but is that really accurate? Print marketing has certainly fallen out of favour, and organisations of all sizes are flocking to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to attract customers and clients, and make new business connections. Does that mean print is no longer useful for marketing purposes? Absolutely not. It still has its place, and the very fact that fewer organisations are making use of print marketing means that it can be more effective for those who use it the right way.

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How To Create An Impact With Your Exhibition Stands

modular exhibition stands quat-chem


Attending an exhibition can be a great move for your business, but if you want to make the most of the opportunity it is important to get your exhibition stands right. Your stand is a chance for you to make your presence known at the event and to present your brand to attendees who might become future partners, investors or customers. It needs to catch their attention and convince them to pay attention to what you have to say.

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How To Use Printed Marketing Materials

how to use printed marketing materials


Printed marketing material is the collection of material that represents your brand and supports your sales. It can include brochures and product information sheets designed to inform customers and assist salespeople, as well as material that you send out to represent you at events or when you make contact with investors or the media. Along with your products, and the initial advertising that you use to catch people’s attention, your marketing collateral is responsible for creating your brand in the eyes of the public. Read More »

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What You Can Achieve With Print And Design

what can you achieve with print and design


Despite the technological advances that we have made in recent years, print materials still remains a vital tool for many businesses, so understanding what can be achieved with the right print and design choices can be very important. Working with a professional print and design service is the best way to ensure that your print projects are benefiting from the skills and experience of people who can help you to achieve the right effect, but it helps to have a clear idea of what you want your print designs to do. Read More »

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Graphic Design For Print

graphic design for print


The ultimate goal of a graphic designer working on print projects is to create something that will look right once it has been printed and placed into the client’s hands. In order to achieve this, it is important not just to have the artistic skills and creative mindset needed to come up with a good idea, but also the knowledge and experience to ensure that this idea will work when it is printed out on paper. Read More »

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