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Is Your Business Card Any Good?

is your business card any good

  Entrepreneurs are regularly handing out business cards, especially at networking events, exhibitions and conferences. While you might think that yours is doing the trick, people often leave business events with a stack of business cards that all look exactly the same. If your business card doesn’t stand out from the crowd it’s unlikely that […]

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The Details Matter In Your Design

printed die cut beer pump clip - strangeways beers

  The big features matter in your design, but so do the details. Every element of your design matters enough to get right. If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be there. Even the smallest details can affect the look and feel of your design and can appeal to people on a subconscious or emotional level.

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4 Common Print Marketing Myths

die cut mask printed full colour print marketing

  1. It’s Ineffective Many businesses write off print as outdated or ineffective in a thriving digital marketplace, however the industry is still strong and customers are still responding positively. One of the reasons for this is ‘digital fatigue’ where incredible amounts of adverts, popups and promotional content distract customers from even the most targeted […]

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What Makes A Good Logo?

printed business stationery project design print

  Your logo is one of the key design elements that will appear on most, if not all, of your merchandise and printed marketing materials. It is vital to get your logo right as it will be closely linked to your brand identity and the products or services you provide. Here are three important factors […]

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Using Your Design Decisions To Build Your Brand

using your design decisions to build your brand

  Your brand shapes the relationship that people have with your company. It will determine how people think about you, but it will also influence how they feel. Your branding can trigger memories, emotions and other associations that can make people want to buy your products or talk about your company. Creating a memorable, meaningful […]

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3 Simple Design Tips To Make Your Message Clear

3 simple design tips to make your message clear

  Clarity is an often overlooked point of design that deserves just as much attention as your choice of font or colour. A clear design is one that works well. It gets your point across quickly and has a greater impact. How can you achieve clarity?

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How To Use Colour To Create An Effective Design

how to use colour to create an effective design

  Colour is one of the most important elements of any design. You can work colour into your backgrounds, logos and text, use small splashes to draw the eye to important details or larger areas to break up the design. You can even choose photos or pictures that match your colour scheme in order to […]

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Top Tips For Getting The Best Vehicle Graphic For Your Needs

vehicle signage mains electrical installations

  Vehicle wraps are a highly cost effective form of advertising: a good quality wrap lasts for years, and provides high-impact advertising that is noticed, remembered, and even talked about.

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How Print is Changing…

how print is changing

  At Project Design Print we have watched the role of print evolve over the years and while digital puts up a good fight, print is now increasingly seen as a personal and even luxurious choice of marketing. Take a look at some of the ways print is changing…

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Print And Digital Marketing Are Perfect Partners

print and digital marketing are perfect partners

  While print advertising is no longer king, there’s no reason why it has to be taken off the game board altogether. It’s still an extremely effective marketing tool, but these days the key to making it work is integrating it with digital advertising.

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